Just Enough Time, 1989  (Time Flies x Vaguely Enough, Vaguely Bright)...retired

Sheza Sweetpea, 1990  (Requested x Wiki Up Ki Pan, King's General (TB))...retired

League City Lady (TB), 1991  (Falstaff x Electra, Saint Ange II)...retired

Wild Guneva (TB), 1994  (Once Wild x Guneva, In Reality)  bred to Sierra Sunset for 2014

R Nick Of Time, 1995  (Winters Express x Oh So Vague, Scooter Bug Bluff)*

I'll Carry On, 1997  (Cause Im Happy (AQHA-X) x Misty Blue Dawn, Apache Deck)*

Clark Springs (TB), 1998  (Lake George x Nature's Lady, L'Natural) bred to Many Rivers
for a 2013 foal

Smoked Glass (TB), 1998  (Smokester x Intrinsically, L'Natural) bred to Many Rivers
for 2014.

Teeny Weeny Bikini, 2001  (Cause Im Happy (AQHA-X) x Expressive Miss, Winters Express) 

A Little Bit Windy, 2003  (Cause Im Happy (AQHA-X) x Expressive Miss, Winters Express)*

Truly Marvelous (TB), 2003  (Simply Majestic x Rush An Win, Raised Socially),
bred to Bold Chieftain for a 2013 foal, booked to Slew's Tiznow for 2014

Dehere We Go Baby (TB), 2005  (Bold West x Clark Springs, Lake George)

Startjumpin Marnie (TB), 2005  (Jump Start x La Iluminada, Langfuhr)

Footloosenfancyfree, 2005  (R Literary Agent (TB) x Gotcha Pepsi Free, Gotcha Covered)*

Im Simply Elegant (TB), 2006  (Simply Majestic x Clark Springs, Lake George)
booked to Tannersmyman for 2014


* Those mares marked with a red asterisk are also available for
 sale.  Due to increasinghealth issues, we are dispersing most of our
 horses.  We will be racing our young Thoroughbreds as they come
 of age. Trainers will now be handling the hard part.  We'll just sit
 back and watch them do all the work.