Northern Dancer           Natalma

                                                Lyphard                                               Court Martial

                                                                        Goofed                         Barra II

                        Falstaff                                                                         Sir Gaylord

                                                                        Sir Ivor                         Attica

                                                Ivorina                                                  Damascus

                                                                        Double Damask            My Sister Kate

            Time To Run                                                                             Endeavour II

                                                                        Pretense                        Imitation

                                                Sham                                                    Princequillo

                                                                        Sequoia                        The Squaw II

                        Time For Integrity                                                         Nearco

                                                                        Nearctic                        Lady Angela

                                                Time For Art                                        Native Dancer

                                                                        Art Dancer                   Parlo


   Yuba River (TB)

                                                                        Raise A Native

                                                                        Majestic Prince            Gay Hostess

                                                Majestic Light                                      Ribot

                                                                        Irradiate                      High Voltage

                        Simply Majestic                                                           Bold Ruler

                                                                        King Emperor              Irish Jay

                                                Beaming Bride                                     Charlottesville

                                                                        Khazaeen                    Aimee

            Truly Marvelous                                                                      Native Dancer

                                                                        Raise A Native            Raise You

                                                Raised Socially                                    Never Bend

                                                                        Unsociable                  Vassar Grad

                        Rush An Win                                                               Traffic Judge

                                                                        Delta Judge                  Beautillion

                                                Rushing Stream                                    Jaipur

                                                                        Flash Flooding             Free Flowing