Nearctic                      Lady Angela

                                                Northern Dancer                                 Native Dancer

                                                                        Natalma                      Almahmoud

                        Danzig                                                                         Crafty Admiral

                                                                        Admiral’s Voyage        Olympia Lou

                                                Pas de Nom                                        Petition

                                                                        Petitioner                     Steady Aim

            Before The Bell                                                                       Raise A Native

                                                                        Exclusive Native          Exclusive

                                                Affirmed                                              Crafty Admiral

                                                                        Won’t Tell You           Scarlet Ribbon

                        Buy The Firm                                                              Intent

                                                                        Intentionally                 My Recipe

                                                By The Hand                                      Your Host

                                                                        De Hostess                  Demolition


   Allbellsnwhistles (TB)


                                                                        Northern Dancer          Natalma

                                                Vice Regent                                         Menetrier

                                                                        Victoria Regina            Victoriana

                        Lake George                                                               Bold Ruler

                                                                        Secretariat                   Somethingroyal

                                                Esdiev                                                 Day Court

                                                                        Day Line                     Fast Line

            Clark Springs                                                                          Native Dancer

                                                                        Raise A Native            Raise You

                                                 L'Natural                                            Seaneen

                                                                        Mellow Marsh             Exclusive

                        Nature’s Lady                                                             Endeavour II

                                                                        Pretense                      Imitation

                                                Ann’s Pretense                                    Power Ruler

                                                                        Miss Nipsy Ann           Princesa De Oro