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About us...We're long time breeders of fine horses for sporting purposes.  The majority of our Appaloosas and Thoroughbreds have top quality racing pedigrees.  A horse can "outrun" its pedigree, but seldom "out produce" it. Champion families will continue to produce champions, from generation to generation.  Trendy bloodlines eventually fade, but those known for producing soundness and durability keep going.  Quality does pass on.  If speed is what you need, you'll find it here.

Many of our horses have gone on to compete in racing, halter, western pleasure, barrel racing, roping, reining, dressage, jumping and 3 day eventing.  No matter what discipline you are in, we have youngsters to fit every need.  Our goal is to raise you a good horse...not be your competition.

News...Hope this finds all well after the holiday season.
We got a new computer in early September.  As usual, transferring data from the old to the new, problems popped up.  My web site program was lost.  Spent hours looking for it.  Not on the computer any where.  I promptly started making a list of issues that needed to be taken care of.  My pedigree program was no where to be found either.  Back up disks are useless when there's no software to run them.
I finally dug out the installation disks and have been trying to find out how to upload my saved information.  I kept getting file not found and a bunch of other error messages.  Still don't know how I finally opened this page.  At this point, I'll take what I can get.  My computer guy is still going to have to do some things that I can't figure out.
Had  my thumb surgery on September 6th.  Was in a soft brace for about ten days, then went to a cast.  The first one was for about three weeks.  It was changed to allow more thumb mobility and check how things were healing.  The second cast came off on October 29th.  Did my physical therapy at home.  Most days are good.  Some days I try to over do it.  Exercises and then working outside are a bit much.  The swelling is almost gone now.  The doctor says it could still take up to a year.  The incision site looks really good.  Other than the original inconvenience, things are so much better.
Our 3 year old colt is at Golden Gate Fields doing his training now.  Should be ready to do some clocked works soon.  We hope he'll get to race before the end of this meet.
Sam retired in time for my surgery.  He did his best at doing dishes and other inside things until I got my cast off. 
All the hay got delivered and stacked in the barn.  The end wall where the foaling stall is got replaced.  Now I just need to finish the priming, paint and put up the trim.  Two pipe pens finally got put up in the other barn.  We'd had two in there for years. Now there's four, besides the four stalls.  The original two will need to have the mats pulled up, more road base put down, leveled again and replace the mats.
Our palpation chute needs to have a concrete slab poured.  I think my greenhouse may actually get done first.  It had been sitting on the lawn for almost a year.   Its foundation has been poured.  Now the base needs to be leveled for the pavers to go down.  Maybe having Sam at home has some benefits after all.
Some sad news.  We had to put grandma Moe (Count More) down last month.  She fell backwards, then couldn't get up.  Every time she went down, it kept getting harder and harder to get up.  We knew that the one time was coming.  It's never easy to have to make that decision.  Her mind was good, she was happy, but her rear legs were giving out.
Thanks for visiting with us.  Come back soon to see what's new.
                                                           Peggy & Sam Lopez
                                4787 Fruitland Rd.
                                Marysville, CA  95901
                                (530) 743-1737
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                             updated February 18, 2013



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